Rainforest Reconnection

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Considering travel destinations for your next vacation?
If, like me, you live in an urban environment—where the arid canyons of stone streets and tall buildings, coupled with the routine of a daily grind, leave you feeling that life is devoid of a heartbeat and lacks spontaneity—well then, a trip to a tropical rainforest may be just the perfect outer adventure to transform your inner life.
Why? Because experiencing the magic, power and beauty of the rainforest can awaken the pulse of life within. Wild and unrestrained, the rainforest throbs with the energy of existence.


You’ll hear tweets, chirps, howls, hums, buzzes, and trills. You’ll see a riot of brilliantly colored and untamed flowering plants and trees, plus an array of exotic jungle-creatures. You’ll feel the moist air, the intense kiss of the sun penetrating your skin, and the caress of lush tropical breezes. Yes, the rainforest offers a feast to nourish dull and deadened senses.
Like a metronome, the jungle rhythm entrains dormant life energy with its potent beat. So, when you arrive at the rainforest, put your thinking-machine-mind on hold. And, move into your senses. Allow awe and wonder at nature’s magnificence to reconnect you to the sacred web of life, of which you are a part. Use your soul senses to tune into the vibration of life all around. Drink in the sights. Listen deeply to the sounds. Absorb the energy into your being. Allow it to renew and revitalize you.
Be sure to notice just how alive and heightened your senses can be. Observe in detail how you feel in the rainforest environs. So that, when you return home, by recalling all of the sensations, you can transport yourself again and again from the mundane to the extraordinary!

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