Soul Level Significance

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Imagine for a moment that today is your last day to live. Now, think of two good things that you have done during your lifetime; things that give your life meaning. Stop and do this right now before you read ahead.

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I’ll bet that your answers had nothing to do with work, or any sort of outer world accomplishment—unless, through that, you have touched someone, or made a life (or lives) just a little bit better. I’d also wager that your answers didn’t involve buying a new pair of designer shoes, a luxury car, a dream house, or whatever—not that those things are bad in any way. But, the thrill of acquiring material things is cheap and short lived. Like eating junk food or sugary sweets, accumulating goods is tasty and it can be habit forming. Yet, just as junk or sugar doesn’t nourish the body, material possessions don’t feed the soul.


Meaning comes from the deep, soul level of your being. And, the soul is made of, and fed by, the finest energy of love. So, meaning can be found wherever there is love. Soul level significance comes from the invisible and tangible presence, expression, and sharing of loving energy. Love can be expressed in countless ways and it can be shared with any sentient being (e.g., self, family, friends, a spouse, a lover, pets and other creatures of the earth, the earth and the heavens, spirit guides, and God or Great Spirit). In the end, what matters most is not be what we have or what we have done for ourselves, but who we have become and what we have shared.


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