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Don’t Feed the Fears: Keep Calm and Dream Strong

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Concern about the presidential election is running very high. With serious issues —such as climate change, terrorism, poverty, unemployment, war, racism, and violence against women—having been brought to light during the campaign season, it’s hard not to be moved by them. The New York Times reports widespread “election anxiety.” According to a Harris Poll, “Facing one of the most adversarial contests in recent history and daily coverage of the presidential election that dominates every form of mass media, 52 percent of American adults report that the 2016 election is a very or somewhat significant source of stress.”

Don’t allow your self to become distracted by the media circus or your own fearful projections of a negative future. Remember, the only power that such fearful thoughts have is the power that you give them. Don’t feed the fears. Ground and center yourself in the heart whenever you feel off balance.