About Cynthia

About Cynthia

I am passionate about helping you move forward on your journey to embody the soul’s potential. It’s my purpose and joy to create community among those of us seeking greater meaning by sharing information, inspiration and encouragement.

I’d be honored to have you read and contribute your own thoughts, ideas and comments on my blog.

I welcome subscriptions to my free e-letter.

I’m more interested in supporting you on your path than I am in talking about my own experiences but, in fairness, you’d probably like to know a bit about me. So here’s an overview of how I have come to the work I am now doing.

After graduation from an Ivy League law school and a 5+ year stint at a high-power law firm, where I billed 80 hours/week, I had become a zombie. It was a soul-crushing experience. All the sweetness and joy had been squeezed from my heart. I realized that I was living someone else’s dream. My excruciating discomfort led me to ask myself, “Who am I?” and “Can I bring more of who I am on the inside into the way I show up in the world?”

So I left my job to find answers and it’s been an amazing journey. I’ve learned that I couldn’t believe what I’d think, but instead needed to remember and trust what I know; that thought is creative and even unconsciously-held beliefs create my experience; that the energy of old wounds holds me in the past, so releasing stuck emotions is vital to body-mind-spirit health; that everything is energy; that you and I are One Divine Consciousness. Our Essence is the Energy of Creation, the vibration of Om, pure Love, Wisdom, Peace and Joy.

My outer journey has been interesting, too! I’ve learned energy healing techniques including Reiki (I teach Reiki now) and Shamanic Energy Medicine. And on the creative side, I’ve written, produced, and directed for film and television—including two specials on the New York Philharmonic’s 1997 Tour of Latin America for USA Network International.

Since 2002, I have practiced law with a boutique firm on an “as needed” basis, thereby allowing me to pursue my spiritual path and to travel. I love visiting places of great natural beauty and find that nature is a sanctuary for healing and developing insight.

Our paths – mine, yours – are not about what we do. We have a purpose that is much deeper. It’s about knowing who you are—as something more than a separate self—and embodying higher consciousness. Remember who you are. Take time to regularly withdraw from outer activity to connect deeply and know your self.

 Essential Balance: Step back to step into your potential.


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