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For Speaking:

“As the co-developer of a peer support group for patients living with a chronic disease, I couldn’t be more pleased with my choice to have Cynthia Revesz as one of our guest speakers. Cynthia listened openly and attentively to the objectives we hoped to achieve during her talk and was very dedicated in her preparation and delivery to the group in order to meet those objectives. She found a beautiful balance between sharing information with the group and allowing discussions and questions to flow naturally, or go in the direction participants needed. Repeatedly, the participants shared positive feedback about Cynthia’s talk and in particular, were grateful for the tangible tools and resources Cynthia shared with us on combating mental and emotional anxieties. Cynthia’s empathy and compassion was evident throughout her entire talk as well; creating the space patients needed to talk about their chronic disease in an open, comfortable environment.

If you’re considering a guest speaker for your project, I’d highly recommend Cynthia Revesz. She will demonstrate commitment and compassion to your needs, and the needs of your program participants from beginning to end. We look forward to having her join us for future talks!”

Charlene Marshall

For Private Energy Healing Sessions:

“A miracle happened. The issue that I’ve been struggling with came up again yesterday and I didn’t have an elevation in my heart rate and my face didn’t flush. In fact, I burst out laughing. I feel so much better. I would like to come back for a full session. Thank you so much for improving my life.”

– Jennifer C.

“I’m still amazed by the change that happened in me after just one healing session with you.  I’m not sure I really understand fully what you did, but thank you doesn’t seem enough to express my gratitude.”

– Deborah C., remote healing client in California

On Guided Group Meditation and Sacred Ceremony:

“I’ve known Cynthia for a few years, having met at a networking event. I immediately gravitated to her warmth and kindness and soon after experienced her amazing gift of shifting energy as a healer. Recently, I attended one of Cynthia’s meditations and found it to be wonderfully stress-reducing, centering and peaceful, and it gave me a chance to just be and remind myself that life’s about being, not doing. Cynthia’s work taps into our inner wisdom and shows us how to live in a state of mindfulness. I sincerely recommend her for all professionals who really need a break from the stress that is throwing us off balance.” Jackie Kellso, President, PointMaker Communications, “Retrain Your Brain” Expert

“Sunday afternoon Cynthia leads a two hour meditation on West 18th Street  in New York City. I had heard a few people rave about the authentic and sincere way Cynthia transforms a secular space into a sacred space and I decided to see for myself. I arrived with a broken toe from an accidental collision with a piece of furniture and was feeling off balance. Immediately Cynthia’s quiet and confident voice made me know I had made the right decision . I highly recommend attending one of her Sunday meditations. I left refreshed, calm and feeling that all was well . Cynthia is providing a gift to people especially in these uncertain times. I intend to return.” Katherine Gotshall English, Creative Director, Like The Wind Productions ”

“For many years. I’ve considered Cynthia a trusted friend and someone of great substance. I have sought her advice on many occasions, given her breadth of experience and analytical abilities honed by her training and work as an attorney. Recently, I attended a guided meditation event organized and led by Cynthia and was struck by how well she balanced the structured and ethereal. It was a very pleasant, peaceful experience. Cynthia provided the space and inspiration I needed to gain clarity on an important issue I was contemplating. I believe she has found and followed her calling.” Rory Beelek, National Passenger Railroad Corporation

“Normally, I’m a hater of Valentine’s Day, and Cynthia Revesz, energy healer, made me love it this year as she facilitated a love ritual with ancient traditions, group meditation, and prayer. Not to mention some fabulous creative beautiful female souls. The energy kept us together well after the ritual into the dark of Sunday night. Treasured moments! More soon. . . .” Danielle Campisi, Financial Advisor at Merrill Lynch Wealth Management

On Karmic Astrology Consultation: 

Although initially skeptical about the value of this, I admit I was awed. Cynthia’s insights into my life, personality, and struggles were precise and accurate and, occasionally, almost embarrassingly perceptive. Her guidance on meeting future challenges was specific and rang true. 
I won’t pretend to understand how Cynthia came to this understanding. Astrology and karmic energy are alien to my beliefs and worldview. I looked for obvious generalizations that could apply broadly, but there were few. She sounded like a friend or therapist who had known me for many years. 
Cynthia delivered her thoughts with kindness, warmth and gentleness, and left me with a lot to think over. “
Bruce Berkman

“Cynthia instantly puts you at ease with her gentle and caring manner. Her perceptive insights, knowledge and understanding of the material, reflect beautifully in a finished product that astounded me with its accuracy and resonance to my personal life experience.
She offers a deep perspective of karmic energies in one’s chart that sheds light on relevant and reoccurring themes in life and does so in a clear and concise way. She offers suggestions for reflection that present the opportunity to support one’s process through self-awareness.
I found the experience to be healing, supportive and thoroughly enjoyable…and fun too :)”
Christina F.

Following a Level One Reiki Class, students offered this feedback:

“Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us. I learned so much yesterday and I’m still feeling absolutely fabulous!” M.R.

“It was such a pleasure yesterday learning. I loved it! Thank you so much.” P.Y.

“That was such fun! Thanks again for sharing your knowledge with us! What a great experience! I look forward to practicing this and excited to explore the next Level in a month or so!!!” C.L.

More praise for private energy healing sessions:

“After one of my sessions with Cynthia during which she addressed my abandonment issues, I felt finally that I understood the root of my fears in a way that even after years of therapy I had not. Thank you Cynthia!”

– Susy Nason

“When I smashed my hand against a wall with a marble pedestal, I was fortunate to have Cynthia in the house. I thought I had broken my finger. Trying ice to reduce the swelling made it throb so painfully, I thought I’d have to go to the emergency room. As Cynthia sat with me, holding her hands above mine, I could feel a strong current of energy flowing from her hands. In a short time, my finger was feeling much better. No doubt, Cynthia’s on-the-spot treatment accelerated healing and reduced pain. Based on my experience with Cynthia, I recommend her highly.”

– Carole Hyatt, bestselling author and founder of The Leadership Forum

“Cynthia Revesz is a gifted and intuitive healer.  I have had several sessions with her and was amazed to realize how deeply she feels the client’s issues in her body and how intuitive she is.  During our last shamanic healing session Cynthia conducted a soul retrieval. Her instincts and pursuant information and suggestions were absolutely accurate.  She intuited information that only a gifted healer can. I would recommend sessions with Cynthia to all of my friends.”

– Joy Zurzolo

“From the moment I walked into Cynthia’s space where the healing session took place, the atmosphere was sort of a relaxed reverence.  I knew that what was taking place was completely earnest, sincere and without judgment.  I somehow felt OK about disclosing things I had told very few people, and with a clear picture of intentions for the session, we set forth.  As I mainly focused on my breathing, Cynthia began her work.  From time to time, fairly intense emotions would bubble up, but even then, I felt completely safe and was able to relax into it.  Afterward, we did an additional exercise that gave voice to my intention going forward.  An intention focused on staying true to my authentic self.  Cynthia even provided a picture – a mental image of my authentic self.  In doing so, I left with a sense of greater responsibility to him.  This image continues to linger and resonate.”

-Ted C.


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