Can You Achieve Inner Balance in a Chaotic World?

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A friend recently emailed me to say: “Reading the news really raises my blood pressure.” Another shared that she can’t watch without yelling back at the television. Several others have shared that they have been feeling down and unable to sleep at night.

Are you stirred up when you listen to the news and read posts on social media?

“Stir” is such a wonderfully descriptive word; definitions include: to disturb the quiet of; to bring into notice; to raise; to rouse to activity; to arouse; to awaken; and to motivate.


Like any life event that stirs heavy emotion within you, this too is a clarion call for greater self-love and healing. I urge you to be good to yourself right now. No matter what is happening out there, your individual reaction—the mental chatter, the anger, aversion, fear or sadness—is your very own. It resides within you. Take good care of it.

“When you are angry, your anger is your baby and you have to look after it.” Thich Naht Hanh

Have old wounds have been triggered that need loving attention? Be with the emotion. Breathe with it. Don’t judge or push it away. If you let it be without trying to fix it, the emotion will open up and you’ll pass through the stuck place. Notice if you want to fix the (external) world instead of facing the pain inside your heart.

“People often use their anger at social injustice as a basis for action, but that is unwise.” Thich Naht Hanh

And, if you’re overloaded with heavy energies from listening to too much bad news about suffering, and not enough good news, remember that thoughts and emotions are powerful energetic frequencies. When you’ve been saturated with bad news and witness suffering in the world, you can’t help being affected. The energy needs to be processed.

If you don’t take in the good in life, you can become heavy and weighted down with the troubles of the world. The antidote is to practice gratitude about the good, positive, and nourishing things that lift your spirit and restore your inner balance.

“If you listen too much to the suffering, the anger of other people, you will be affected. . . This will destroy your balance.” Thich Naht Hanh

Celebrate the good. Stay grounded, centered and connect to Source. Meditate. Pray. Dream. Sing. Dance. Connect with loving and supportive friends. Take in smiles and hugs. Stop to pet a sweet puppy on the street. Listen to music. Look at art.

And yes, imagine that something good is stirring. People are coming together in unprecedented ways to stand up for equality, inclusion, human rights and the planet. This is something to really celebrate!


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