Heal the Past for a Brighter Future

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In 2016, a lot of darkness and division came to light, much of which had been lurking, largely unacknowledged, in the shadows of our collective consciousness. Because we are all inextricably connected, the darkness and division are not just “out there.” These shadowy energies reside within each of us, too. What has come up for you?

I’ve gotten pretty friendly with some previously unconscious fear, aversion and resentment to name a few shadow buddies. So, as the New Year approaches and I reflect on the year past, I’ve been working with a wonderful healing practice, that I use from time to time, to clean up my act. I also recommend it to you.


It is the ancient Hawaiian practice of Ho’oponopono. The practice is quite simple. We take responsibility for the past, rather than insist on being the victim or being right, with the following heartfelt statements:

I’m sorry.

Please forgive me.

Thank you.

I love you.

Use Ho’oponopono to heal resentments and let go of past hurts and unfinished business. The order of the statements and to whom you say them is less important than the depth of your sincere intention in offering them.

Forgiveness, including self-forgiveness, frees you to move forward lighter and brighter on the path of self-discovery and honoring your unique personal destiny. Trust and expect that good things are on the way to you! I’m wishing you abundant Love and Light blessings in 2017!



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