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Relax. You Are Enough!

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Are YOU feeling down on yourself?

Recently, I’ve heard from several people who feel badly about themselves because they have fallen short of their own expectations, or because life hasn’t turned out as they wanted. I can relate having felt that way myself at times.

If this is you, please give yourself a break.

From a spiritual perspective, your worth is inherent. All are One in Spirit. So, there is no need to prove your value. God, and people who see you through the eyes of love, don’t care what you do for a day job, how much you earn, that you don’t look like Beyoncé, and that you haven’t won a Nobel Prize.

The Paradox of Acceptance

Written by admin on . Posted in Essential Balance

The Paradox of Acceptance

Instead of taking the present moment as it is, how often do you expend a lot of energy struggling with it? Do you think, or say, things such as, “I don’t like it this way.” “It shouldn’t be this way.” This isn’t right.” “Why is this happening?” “I don’t want to deal with this”? Responding to life experiences in this way sets up a very unproductive and disempowering mind-loop. Because no matter how much we try to avoid life in this moment: It just is. Our protests do nothing to change things. Yet, they deplete our vital energy.

So, what’s the alternative? Say yes to life and embrace it!

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