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You Have the Power!

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The ability to choose is an immense power. Each day, we make countless choices that have an impact on our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. Whether we are promoting health, harmony, happiness, and conscious evolution is up to us.

 If you’re feeling powerless, consider this:  

            Making a single poor food choice will not kill you. But, over time, continually choosing to eat processed or sugary foods and avoiding healthy, natural, whole foods, will gradually erode your physical health.

            Occasionally denying your self something that makes your soul sing will not kill you either. But, over an extended period of time, choosing to trample your spirit will slowly squeeze the life out of you.

Beyond Fear

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Beyond Fear

Spring is a time of new growth and of new beginnings. It’s also typically viewed as a time of renewed hope. After surviving the harsh, cold of winter, the arrival of spring, with its gentler climate, pale green buds and tender blossoms, is thought to be a herald of better times to come. This year it seems, however, that some people can’t shake the winter chill.

In my healing practice, I see people who deeply desire change and wish to participate in the renewal of spring. They want to take a step forward in their lives, to stretch beyond their comfort zones, to heal and to grow. Yet paradoxically, they also fear change. I think this can be true for all of us, at one time, or another. Each of us has experienced fear. Our fears can stem from past trauma, relate to the unknown of the future, or be a combination of both. When innate desire to evolve and fear of change push and pull us in opposite directions, we get stuck.

Be the River

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It’s been said that life is a river. Like the continual flowing of the water, the only constant in our lives is change. The changes come, whether we’re choosing them, rolling with them, or resisting them. There are endings and beginnings, death and rebirth, release and renewal, creation and destruction.

Nothing is real, and nothing endures but change. (Kabbalah)

Sometimes, we’re of two minds about making needed adjustments, or facing the inevitable changes, in our lives. We may desire something new, or recognize an inevitability, and yet, at the same time, resist it. But, resistance is exhausting. It’s simply not a good way to manage our energy, because the energy tied up in anxious thoughts, denial, judgment, fear or attachment—all forms of resistance—is not available to create with. Like wanting to sail your boat while dropping anchor, or driving with the parking break on, it requires more energy than we have to move ahead.

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