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Trust the Journey

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From the moment we emerge into the world, we are travelers embarking on an unknown journey. Where will the road of life take us? We don’t know. While we can steer towards a particular destination, there may be any number of obstacles or detours. It’s a humbling realization that much of what happens in life is beyond our control. We have to trust the journey. Choosing to trust accelerates our soul’s evolutionary path because it allows us to transcend internal blocks to moving forward, which in turn provides the strength to release whatever may bind us to the past.

The concept of a journey is a well-known metaphor for life. Of course, a journey implies movement.

Practice Non-Judgment

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Practice Non-Judgement

Why practice non-judgment? Like detoxing the physical body by eating clean, healthy food, and avoiding alcohol and caffeine, the practice of non-judgment purifies and deprograms the mind. With greater mental clarity, one can see new possibilities, transcend perceived limits, and live a life of greater ease, joy and love. Experiment with the practice of non-judgment and other Essential Balance Principles™ to transform your life! 

Humans are energy or light beings. Science tells us that. We have an innate sense that there is more to life than meets the eye. Obviously, we are not complete at birth. We have vast unseen potential. We’re not fixed and solid. Our thoughts and emotions come and go. The body takes in food and eliminates waste. The cells that make up the organs and bones of the body regularly renew themselves. We’re dynamic, ever-evolving beings on a miraculous journey of becoming.

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