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Making Ripples / 6 Ways to Raise Your Vibration

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Can you think of someone who is infectiously happy? Someone who simply radiates joy? Just being around that person lifts your spirits. Maybe you can also think of someone who seems to carry a dark cloud wherever they go. Their contentiousness and unresolved anger are always about to boil over on the next hapless person who disagrees with them or just looks at them the “wrong way.” This person may leave you feeling heavy and dull.

As described above, our energy ripples out and affects other people. The energy of other people also affects us. The vibration of each individual contributes to the energetic environment of the world in which we live.

Love,…Just Because

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Love is the essence of your being. It is the sacred ground in which you are rooted. It’s the invisible current of life that flows through you. And, when this vital energy is flowing freely, you enjoy vibrant physical and emotional health, and remember your connection to spirit.

Does it seem strange to think of yourself as love? That may be because, not only is love both a noun and a verb, but, from an early age, you experienced love as conditional. That means it is only given or received under certain conditions. While parents may, in fact, love their children unconditionally, from a child’s perspective, it doesn’t seem that way, when the parent withholds tenderness, affection and approval, when the child fails to behave as expected. As children, when we fell short of what was expected of us and met with disapproval, we may have concluded that we were unlovable or not deserving of love. Thus, from the earliest age, we got the message that our value is conditional and not self-evident. Later in life, this belief continues to be reinforced as people judge us on the basis of superficial things, such as our appearance and how much money we make, rather than for who we are. But more importantly, we do this to ourselves by rewarding ourselves with self-love only when we pass certain self-imposed tests. You know how it goes: if you gain a few pounds, things aren’t going well at work, or you aren’t in a relationship, you don’t feel good about yourself and deny yourself love.

Sacred Space

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“Your sacred space is
 where you can find yourself again and again.”
- Joseph Campbell 

Many of us have an innate sense of the sacred. We know that we’re connected to something larger than ourselves and, through that greater power, we’re related to each other. Yet, in our busy lives, even if we’re living with intention and know we’re on a sacred journey, we allow things, like work and family responsibilities, to take us out of that place of knowing, and sacred being. We forget what we know becoming lost in thought and in the day-to-day busy-ness of our lives.

It’s really not surprising that our attention wanders from the Essential, because “. . . what is essential is invisible to the eye” (Antoine de Saint-Exupery). That’s why creating sacred space is so important. Because it brings us back to the sacred. As Joseph Campbell said, “Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again.”

Breath Deep. Live Long: 5 Practices to Antidote Stress and Discomfort.

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“A healthy mind has an easy breath.”  (Author Unknown)

Research shows an inextricable chemical link between emotions, including stress, and the functioning of the body’s immune system. The growing field of psychoneuroimmunology looks at, among other things, the connection between emotions and the ability of the body to heal itself. A pioneer in mind-body medicine, Dr. Robert Ader, coined the term, psychoneuroimmunology.

“His initial research, in the 1970s, became a touchstone for studies that have since mapped the vast communications network among immune cells, hormones and neurotransmitters. It introduced a field of research that nailed down the science behind notions once considered magical thinking: that meditation helps reduce arterial plaque; that social bonds improve cancer survival; that people under stress catch more colds; and that placebos work not only on the human mind but also on supposedly insentient cells.

About Reiki

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Because a lot of people ask me questions about Reiki, I want to share a little bit more about it with you.

Reiki is a natural system of healing dating back to the late 1800s. Practitioners channel healing energy —“Rei” means universal and “ki” means life force energy—to the recipient through the palms of their hands. As Reiki is an intentional healing method, you can send healing remotely. 

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