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Making Ripples / 6 Ways to Raise Your Vibration

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water droplet

Can you think of someone who is infectiously happy? Someone who simply radiates joy? Just being around that person lifts your spirits. Maybe you can also think of someone who seems to carry a dark cloud wherever they go. Their contentiousness and unresolved anger are always about to boil over on the next hapless person who disagrees with them or just looks at them the “wrong way.” This person may leave you feeling heavy and dull.

As described above, our energy ripples out and affects other people. The energy of other people also affects us. The vibration of each individual contributes to the energetic environment of the world in which we live.

Nature Retreat

Written by admin on . Posted in Essential Balance

After a solo retreat in the Catskill Mountains, I was inspired to write these words to share the transcendent experience with you.  Then, I put pictures to the words creating my first YouTube video! I hope that you enjoy it and get a sense of the peace and healing power of nature.

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