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Nature Retreat

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After a solo retreat in the Catskill Mountains, I was inspired to write these words to share the transcendent experience with you.  Then, I put pictures to the words creating my first YouTube video! I hope that you enjoy it and get a sense of the peace and healing power of nature.

Top 5 Reasons to Go on a Retreat

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Have you ever returned from a trip and felt like you needed a vacation? A boozy-party vacation, reminiscent of college kids on spring break, can leave you feeling worse than if you never went. In the same way, an overscheduled theme-park or sightseeing extravaganza can drain you both mentally and physically. Plus, as often happens when traveling, overindulging in heavy restaurant meals, local snacks, or unhealthy fast foods can easily throw your digestion out of whack. After trips like these, you often return home in need of detox and some restorative, healthy sleep. Maybe it’s time to make your next getaway a vacation for the soul—where you nourish the body, relax the mind, and connect to the soul.

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