The Sacred Journey of Self Discovery

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As a soul temporarily residing in an earthly body, you are on a sacred journey of self-discovery. Developing self-knowledge requires shifting your focus from the world outside to your inner world—the invisible subjective realm of thought, feeling, emotion, energy, subtle perception, intuition, direct knowing and Oneness. Turning your attention inward, allows you to learn about your self and the sacred Source with which we are One.

“. . .[S]elf observation . . . means to watch everything in and around you
as far as possible and watch it as if it were happening to someone else.
What does that last sentence mean? It means that you do not personalize
what is happening to you. It means that you look at things
as if you have no connection with them whatsoever.” (Anthony DeMello)

The art of self-observation is in taking the perspective of a neutral or objective observer; one without an agenda. If we reflect on the self and our experiences with the harsh eye of judgment, or go in there to fix things, then we can’t be objective. To remain detached, we need to look through the lens of understanding, unconditional love and acceptance. In other words, we have to approach the inner self with the gentle loving-kindness that an enlightened master would have for a sweet, innocent child.

As your awareness expands you will see through illusions; allow what is inessential to fall away; notice that you have more options so you can make better choices; bring the beauty, light and strength of your authentic being into the way you walk in the world; and undergo deep and lasting energetic shifts that elevate your consciousness.

Still, don’t buy into any promises of instant awakening. You’re going to need a generous amount of patience and persistence for this journey because transformation is a process. The mindset of being in a hurry to “get somewhere” will only slow you down. “There” doesn’t exist. It’s about being “here” fully grounded in the present; the eternal now. The destination is the journey itself. And each soul’s journey has its own divinely guided rhythm and flow.

The flow, however, can be blocked if you have resistance to it. One reason people struggle is that “being” is not as highly valued as “doing.” A lot of people strongly identify with, and derive a sense of self, from what they do and accomplish. This cultural bias was instilled in me at an early age. I remember my mother saying, “Man was made to work.” (Really, I didn’t make it up!) I also recall that, when my hardworking mother didn’t have her usual energy to get things done, she would say, “I feel like a wrung-out dishrag. I’m worthless.” My childhood ears absorbed the message that “you must perform to be of value and to be loved.” I share this with you because you may also have picked up similar attitudes from family, friends and society.

If you have them, it is important to root out such limiting beliefs. Otherwise, those beliefs will rule you from below the level of the conscious mind. So that, even if you have a genuine desire to develop your inner life, setting aside the time will end up at the very bottom of your “to do” list. Time leftover over after other responsibilities will be minimal and you will be too tired to give this truly sacred art the care and attention that it deserves.

Don’t put your self off! Make the sacred journey of self-discovery a priority. Choose to honor your soul. Create sacred space, and go within. This is your time to be (and not to do). Use it for quiet contemplation, reflection, meditation and prayer; for entering a healing and creative space to digest experience, process emotions, develop insight, connect to the Energy of Creation, shift at the energetic level, and receive inspiration. Such fertile gaps in outward activity provide the container for developing self-awareness and transformation at the core. As the theoretical quantum physicist, Amit Gotswamy says:

Be with God some of the time, be in the ego some of the time,
and let the dance generate creative acts of transformation. . .
It’s not just do, do, do. It’s not just be, be, be. It’s do, be, do, be, do.”

Gotswamy calls this the quantum process. I might call it a recipe for Essential Balance. Whatever you call it, know that when you honor the soul’s path, you honor God.

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