What is Essential Balance?

Essential Balance

Essential Balance is the healing journey of embodying the soul’s potential.

Essence is your core self; your natural state of being.

ESSENCE means the energy behind all of life’s forms; aka LIFE (with a capital “L”), the invisible basis of every living thing. Some other words for this essential power are CONSCIOUSNESS, source, god, the universe, existence, the quantum field, the unmanifest, great mystery, and the great void; the formless, yet vital force, that gives rise to all things; infinite loving awareness; or sat chid ananda, which translates, from Sanskrit, to existence, consciousness and bliss which means “the pure undifferentiated state of non-duality. It is the most perfect expression of our primordial Self, which is energetically inseparable from the power of Love creating the universe.” (Deepak Chopra)

When disconnected from Essence, you experience discomfort and dis-ease on all levels of being  — in the body, in the thoughts and emotions, and on the spiritual or energetic level.

Another word for Essential Balance is healing.

HEALING involves releasing the inessential, (i.e., anything which blocks an individual from present moment awareness and experience of Life), and recovering personal power.HEALING is moving from fear, false perceptions, and separation toward love, truth, and oneness; HEALING is a perceptual shift from limited awareness and illusion toward infinite awareness and the Ultimate Reality. Healing is anything that creates greater wholeness and oneness with all of Life. HEALING is the elimination of suffering.

Essential Balance is a journey in consciousness—learning to see from a Universal perspective that brings you awareness of how to get out of your own way, so that you can enjoy better health, realize your potential, and live the life of your dreams.

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